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After earning my ‘Honours, Bachelor of Administration’ with advanced level courses in Accounting, Economics & Finance from Brock University's GOODMAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, I entered the Insurance Industry to explore my passion for Business, wanting to be the best business person I could be!

After decades of promoting sound, balanced financial planning and investment counseling I hold the Registered Pension Associate designation from the CERTIFIED EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SPECIALIST organization at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


As president of Jack & Associates Wealth Management Inc. not only do I provide strategic direction for our business initiatives but I am actively involved in its execution. Currently, we are focusing on PLAN MEMBER ENGAGEMENT in Registered Pension Plans and Group RRSP/DPSP to foster a Wealth Consciousness among plan members creating a more productive workforce, while enhancing your ability to attract better quality personnel.

Or you might know me from the Niagara community and my involvement in music and choral singing! The Harmonies we strike in music show us the potential win/win harmony we create when we partner up with responsible business leaders!

This planning contributes to a comfortable retirement for your plan members and their families.

Gregory Jack
B. Admin, RPA
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