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In 1977 while attending Brock University to acquire a degree in Finance and Accounting I purchased a Hewlett Packard 10B Business Calculator.


38 YEARS LATER,  in 2015, I began to study for the Certified Financial Planning ‘CFP’ designation in the financial services industry. 


The entire 1st module, almost 90 pages, was devoted to learning how to use the specific features of the Hewlett Packard 10B Business Calculator, now called the 10B11, the same calculator I had purchased 38 Years Earlier!


Nothing changed in 38 years as it pertains to calculating finances and the Time Value of Money and yet so few people know anything about this skill. 


The sooner we begin to teach our children these simple yet effective concepts and skills to manage their own personal finances, the more confident they will become in learning to make ‘real world’ decisions in all aspects of their and their family's lives!


Greg Jack B. Admin, RPA

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